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Our Background

Pedaling Words has been known for personal quality services, efficiency and professionalism since 2015. No matter what language and written word solutions you need for your cycling content, we strive to exceed expectations and work hard to ensure full satisfaction.

Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients expect. Please get in touch to learn more about our team (they are cyclists too), our company or for details about how Pedaling Words may be of service to you.


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Cycling specific language and vocabulary


Text with a purpose


Boost your site rankings


Language liaison and production assistance for media/press at events

"Andrea's translation was perfect for my website, being a cyclist herself, she was able to address my potential clients directly with the right vocabulary. I immediately saw an increase in interest in my products and therefore in my sales. Thank you Andrea, I would not hesitate to use her services again in the future."


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Pedaling Words is based in Barcelona, Spain


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ANDREA CHAMPREDONDE,  Founder-Lifetime Cyclist-Wordsmith

I am Franco-American, with an MA in French and over 25 years in the bicycle industry before launching Pedaling Words.  My experiences include high-level competition on the road, track, mountain biking, and cyclo-cross too. I have worked in some of the top bicycle shops in the US as builder, sales person, and mechanic,  and spent several years at one of the biggest names in the business as an inside sales rep prior to being promoted as the traveling promotional and marketing coordinator of their pro mtb cycling team. My most recent experience was in the 2018 Tour de France where I worked as a language liaison and production assistance for the NBC Universal Sports Network.  I love to write and translate French and Spanish text to English.
I created Pedaling Words after repeatedly seeing cycling translations and written text that simply missed their mark.  Who best to translate and write cycling content than a cyclist? That is why all of our contributing members, myself included, are cyclists; no exceptions.  Pedaling Words is your solution to original content, communicating marketing and brand messages, products and user experience over the language or languages of your choice.

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