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The Importance of Finding the Right Translator or Writer for Your Cycling Content

Updated: May 17, 2021

There are many reasons you need to find a writer or translator that is also a cyclist for or your cycling-themed content. You may be an established influencer who wants to share a new product review, but don't have the time to write it up yourself.

Maybe you're a communications director for a cycling organization or a professional team looking for someone with bicycle knowledge and experience to translate your latest news or race results from one language in to many.

Finding the right person to write or translate your cycling-themed content can be a daunting task. It's not just about finding someone who speaks English or another language fluently, but also someone that understands cycling and how to relay what you wish to communicate in a way that will speak to cyclists in other cultures in a language they understand.

Why You Need to Find a Writer or Translator Who Is a Cycling Expert

Companies invest massively to build their brand image and create an authentic connection and experience with their audience. This message can be perfect in a native tongue, but what happens to it when it is translated into another language by someone not familiar with the subject, culture and lingo? That hard work and attention is given little second thought when trust is placed in a standard translator or agency.

If you work in cycling, you understand the need to hire someone who understands the nuances of this niche. Cycling terminology and jargon can be difficult for writers or translators that aren’t cyclists themselves to understand. Hiring professional writers and translators that are cyclists too will help significantly to reach your audience.

Some words have completely different meanings to those outside of the industry or even between levels of cycling. Terms such as sew-up, roadie, echelon, dropped or snake bite would be lost on a newer rider while being completely understood by a more experienced cyclist.

Cycling Terms Not Everyone Can Translate Correctly

Expressions change geographically, even when they speak the same language. What North Americans understand to be the meaning of bonking may be completely different in the UK. The two countries share a difference between the usage of the expression Fred too. Examples like these can lead to general confusion if you don’t understand how these types of phrases work in cycling culture when creating or translating content.

And there are a slew of words in every culture susceptible to being improperly translated between languages in cycling. For example, cintre in French isn’t a hanger used for clothing, but a handlebar in cycling terms. Not everyone used the more formal term guidon. Or patte arrière, which isn’t a rear foot or paw, but part of a bicycle frame used to hold the rear derailleur. And it can be replaceable or fixed!

The Benefits of Working With Translators That Are Cyclists

Working with a translator who is a cyclist too is an excellent way to ensure the accuracy and quality of the work they produce. And when it comes to translating, you should only work with professionals that are native in the target language and subject because they will translate your words in a way that sounds natural and flows well.

Many brand and communication managers may find the translation or content process to be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! There are many cycling-specific writers and translators out there, and they'll simplify your task. Here are a few benefits of working with writers and translators that cyclists too:

  • The money invested to create an authentic brand image, intriguing content, or customer experience in the native tongue won't be lost when translated.

  • It simplifies the process because you won't have to explain everything every time or when you submit feedback.

  • Texts will be translated accurately the first time, saving time and money when it comes to revisions, correcting mistakes and word choice.

  • You won’t end up with copy that sounds flat and unprofessional...or worse, inaccurate!

  • With one communication, you can receive your content in as many languages as you need.

How Do I Find Qualified Translators and Writers That Are Cyclists Themselves?

We are Pedaling Words, the choice for qualified content writers and translators that are cyclists themselves. We can help you with any project in any language. Whether it's a blog post, review, how-to article, a top X list of products, or translating original content into the langauge(s) of your choice. We'll get the job done.

There is no need to choose a non-specialized agency outside the industry. Pedaling Words is dedicated to providing quality service at affordable rates with no contract obligation. You won't find another company like us on the market. Who better than a cyclist to write or translate cycling content?

We provide personalized care from start to finish. No one else offers the same level of care and attention as we do. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business grow through quality cycling content and multilingual translations. Brands like LOOK, GCN and Colnago have put their trust in us, so why shouldn’t you?

About me:

I am a lifetime cyclist who has worn a few different hats during my professional career. I now work as a French to English cycling specific translator and a ghost/blog writer of cycling and other content in English. One passion that has remained constant is my love of cycling and everything that encompasses it.


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